If you’ve planned to bake today but your electric oven stopped working? Well, as inconvenient as it may be, the day can still be saved.

Electric ovens are arguably one of the most frequently used kitchen appliances. But when the oven breaks down or is out of order, it can disturb our routine lives to a great extent. We understand how inconvenient a faulty oven can be. Therefore it is important for you to get an oven repair specialist at Strathclyde Domestic Repairs to fix your oven and your day!

Don’t be left with the hassle of being without a functioning oven or having to pay a lot for a new oven, we offer reliable and next-day repair services at very affordable prices. Domestic and electrical appliances are invented with decades of guarantee and manufactured to the highest standard with quality and longevity in mind, but if you find that your appliances broke down and they need repair, we offer just the right and affordable repair service to help get your appliances back up and running.

Ovens can be out of order at any time and when they do, it can be a massive inconvenience.

We have years of experience in repairing electric ovens, both built-in and freestanding, which has made us one of the leading oven repair companies in the UK!

Is your oven not working and giving you any of the following problems?

The oven refuses to heat up

If your electric oven fails to heat up properly or does not heat at all, i.e. or the temperature couldn’t manage or if it trips, our professional engineer can assist you identify the heating element that has to be replaced. We are one of the biggest domestic appliance repair firms in the UK and work directly with the world’s leading manufacturers which gives us access to the most up-to-date information and training.

Oven fan not working or making noise

If the electric oven fan is noisy, you’re probably thinking of getting a new oven fan or motor. Before you move on to purchasing new equipment, consulting the professionals at Strathclyde Domestic Repairs may be a better idea. Our engineers are skilled and expert in their area. In no time, they’ll confirm the actual issue and will get your electrical oven running.

Why reach Strathclyde Domestic Repairs to fix your electric ovens?

When your oven is broken, you need someone who can quickly fix it and provide 100% satisfactory service with proper instructions about future care. Below are just a few of the reasons to trust Strathclyde Domestic Repairs with your electrical kitchen appliances:

  • We repair all well-known brands, including AEG, WTA, Hotpoint, Philips, Beko, Samsung, LG, and Bosch, and many more.
  • We believe that repairing is much cheaper than replacing appliances
  • We have excellent reviews and testimonials
  • Same or next-day appointments
  • Largest UK coverage
  • We have fully equipped vans & skilled engineers
  • No hidden charges, we quote only fixed fee and only one-time labor charges
  • At Strathclyde Domestic Repairs our engineers are highly qualified and knowledgeable with decades of experience
  • Our staff is very friendly and professional
  • We provide fast and reliable service
  • Six months guarantee on all repairs performed
  • We provide the best customer service that’s why our customers believe in us!

If you need your oven repaired locally, get in touch with us on 01414745455 or fill out our online form below for a FREE quote today.


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CALL NOW: 01414745455