Tumble dryers are not a luxury anymore, as we are living in a high-paced lifestyle, there is not much time to let the clothes air-dry and wait a long time so we can wear them. But what can also put you to wait for the clothes to air-dry is a faulty, damaged or broken tumble dryer. We surely would not want you to have a disrupted routine. Strathclyde Domestic Repairs is a one-stop repair and maintenance service plan for your broken, noisy or faulty tumble dryers. Our experts do the first check-up then provide a repair (where repairable), and then regular maintenance. The Strathclyde Domestic Repairs team makes sure that your dryer gets an appointment in a short time of one to two days. We make sure that you can save the expense of buying new tumble dryers by getting your old ones repaired and perfectly running.

Why you should choose Strathclyde Domestic Repairs tumble dryer repair services and maintenance:

  •         All repairs are guaranteed:

At Strathclyde Domestic Repairs, we provide warranty for all the appliances that we repair for 12 months. During this time, If any problem occurs Our team will be at your service to repair with no hidden or extra charges. Our expert engineers first quickly diagnose and then troubleshoot any issue that is present. Ensuring all the industry standards and safety regulations in compliance to the tumble dryers.

  •         Easy booking process:

When it comes to offering services to our clients, we are just a call away! You only have to dial our number, pick a date, and have us repair your faulty electrical appliance within no time.

  •         An affordable price for repair:

The experts, after examining your machine, can quote you the price with no extra, advance or hidden charges. We don’t charge any extra fee for big brands. Once repaired, if the appliance gets faulty within 12 months, there will be no charges in the warranty period for the repair or checkup.

  •         Expert engineers at your service no matter where you are across the nation:

Our tumble dryer repairing services are nation-wide. You can have our team fix your appliances with expertise and reliability at your home. At Strathclyde Domestic Repairs, we have manufacturer approved engineers as well as local experts that always make sure your appliance gets up and running perfectly again! Wherever you live in the UK, our engineers will be at your location as per the prior-set date.

  •         Quick repair and reliable maintenance:

We provide quick and reliable repair services with guaranteed maintenance for 1 year. No false, hidden, extra charges on bigger brands, repeated sessions or on each appointment. Our engineers will repair and replace the faulty spare parts with original durable store parts. The appliances are guaranteed for upto 12 months and if any problem occurs during the warranty period, our experts will repair it without extra fee. We provide flexible booking options, you only have to call us, schedule a date with our engineers and get your appliances up and running without any hassle.


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